Jeong-Do Management.

At Techcross Water & Energy Inc., Jeong-Do Management means that all employees work in compliance with principles and standards and maintain transparent transaction relationship with our business partners to ensure fair competition based on our competency.

Whistleblowing System, Shinmoongo

Shinmoongo is where you can file a report on unfair and corruptive practices, such as employees’ unfair requests using their position, and offering and receiving money and other valuables from interested persons. In any case, we strictly protect reporters’ personal information and report details to ensure their safety. We will make our best efforts to investigate and settle reported cases as promptly as possible.

Report Examples
  • Receiving benefits from interested persons.
  • Unfairly gaining stake in partner companies.
  • Lacking transparency in selecting partner companies.
  • Unfairly using or abusing company assets.
  • Fabricating documents or numbers, or falsifying reports.
  • Other moral hazard behaviors.
How to Report