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Reliable Environmental Operation & Management Partner, TECHCROSS ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES

Techcross Environmental Services Inc. has performed operation & management projects in various aspects, including the largest private sewage treatment facility in Korea and industrial wastewater, pure water and ultra pure water facilities of prominent domestic and overseas for the last 20 years, establishing its reputation as a competitive global environment facility operation & management partner. We ensure the best customer satisfaction through established operation & management system and by reflecting various customer needs. Based on our experience covering the entire water treatment area, we are expanding our business into waste to energy, air pollution reduction, renewable energy and other sectors. Also, we are leading efforts for sustainable future environment by engaging in projects that save, reuse and recycle resources.

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Business Overview.


Public O&M Projects
  • Public environmental facilities
  • Privately-invested project (BTO, BTL, etc.)
  • Commissioning
Industrial O&M Projects
  • Industrial environmental facilities
  • Domestic/abroad (China, Vietnam, etc.)
  • Commissioning
Other Business
  • Participate in design and construction
  • Air quality self-evaluation agent