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R&D Center .

Institute of Environmental Technology

We aim to gain differentiated technical competency by continuously seeking technology development and by formulating technology strategies to cope with changes in the future environmental industry.

Technological solutions for total cost reduction
Building core competencies
for BOT projects
Digital Transformation
Development of Process and
O&M technologies
  • Search and evaluate promising technologies
  • Develop and verify process technologies
  • Develop optimal O&M technologies for environmental facilities
Technical Support and Operational Efficiency Enhancement
  • Troubleshoot and improve operational efficiency
  • Analyze and evaluate applied processes
  • Train employees to reinforce operational competency
Digital Transformation
  • Explore and apply latest digital technologies in environmental and energy sectors
  • Manage integrated data of asset management and operation (cloud)
  • Analyze operational data using digital technologies and optimize operation (AI, big data, etc.)

Major Research Area.

01. Smart O&M
  • Efficient O&M through digitalizing operational and asset-related information of environment facilities
  • Intelligent O&M using state-of-the-art data management technologies such as AI, big data, etc.
02. Water-Energy Nexus
  • Biogas upgrading technology for organic waste digestion
  • Biological Electrochemical Methanation technology that uses microorganism to convert CO2 to methane
  • Desalination technology powered by photovoltaic panels for off-grid areas
  • Core technologies for construction and operation of large-scale water electrolysis plant for hydrogen production
03. Water Reuse
  • High-efficiency, low-cost membrane separation technology for sewage and wastewater reuse
  • Concentrate treatment technology for water reuse