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  • Overview

We lead the future of the environmental industry .

Based on water treatment projects ranging from domestic and overseas pure & ultra pure industrial water supply, sewage & wastewater treatment and sewage reuse projects, Techcross Water & Energy Inc. expands its business to the entire environmental industry including waste treatment and recovery, air pollution reduction and renewable energy projects. Also, we continue to discover growth momentum of the future environmental industry. In addition, we provide customized integrated solution covering from business development to design, construction, operation & management, investment and to consulting. Based on projects that contribute to resource circulation and environment protection of our earth, we play a key role in making our future environment sustainable.

  • Pioneer

    Leader of Future Environmental Industry

    Accomplishing our value chain that covers the entire onshore and offshore water treatment, we are diversifying our business into waste to energy, air pollution reduction and renewable energy to reinforce our competitiveness in the environmental industry.

  • Agile

    Go Ahead to Provide Best Solution for Our Customers

    With our ample know-how and skills achieved from various domestic and overseas project experience, we preemptively offer the best optimization solution for business development, design, construction, operation & management, investment and consulting.

  • Reliable

    A Reliable Partner in Environment Sector

    By performing the largest industrial water construction project in Korea and the largest water treatment construction project in the global display sector, we maintain our reputation as a reliable partner in and out of Korea.

Business Area .

Water supply
Industrial water supply / Pure & ultra pure water production / Water desalination / Water pipeline construction
Sewage ∙ Wastewater
Sewage treatment / Wastewater treatment / Sewage∙Wastewater reuse / Sewer pipeline construction
Waste to Energy
Waste incineration & Power generation / Landfill creation & Restoration / Organic resource waste management / Soil purification
Air pollution reduction
Scrubber / Bio Filter /
Renewable energy
Photovoltaic (PV) / Energy storage system (ESS) / Fuel cell
Production of Green Hydrogen in Connection with Renewable Energy / Production of Biogas-Based Clean Hydrogen and Methanol / Self-Production of Water Electrolysis Equipment / Establishment of Carbon-Neutral Hydrogen nfrastructure and Facility Operation


With our expertise in environmental industry and differentiated customized solution, we maximize customer value and materialize sustainable future environment.


  • A total solution provider that optimizes total construction and operation costs

    As we perform both EPC and O&M projects in environmental sector, we maintain expertise and technological solutions in each sector, contributing to optimizing the total costs for construction and operation.

  • Life Cycle Cost Saving Through Custimized Design and Competitive Vender Pool

    Through customized design utilizing our accumulated big data and excellent vender pool, we save life cycle costs.

  • Shortened Construction Period Through Well-Organized Schedule Management and Effective
    Work Process

    We shorten the total construction period through well-organized construction schedule, effective work management and optimal commissioning & start-up plan.


  • Responding to
    Global Warming

    We contribute to reducing Carbon emissions by establishing and developing business models for resource recycling and renewable energy.

  • Eco-Friendly Design and Construction Management

    We are committed to manage our design and construction in strict compliance with environmental laws and regulations, contributing to improving earth environment.